With a name this pretty, we almost don’t mind just what properties this crystal has. In fact, it’s so easy to be drawn to this crystal by its beautiful colors that you could be forgiven for forgetting to ask what powers it has…. And when you find out, you’ll be even more amazed! 


With the ability to enhance your aura and activate your Rainbow body - what wouldn’t you use it for?! Seriously though, this crystal can assist you in charging your chakras and restoring peace, balance and harmony. Ahhh.


If you’re a babe who meditates, Aura crystal is the perfect companion for you, as it allows you to slip into a deeper meditative state. Because of its efficacy in quieting the mind, relaxing the body and tuning out the rest of the world, Aura crystals allow you to go deep into your meditation and experience spiritual attunement. Throughout our lives, we all come up against stressful situations and toxic people. Having a Aura crystal on hand will strengthen your ability to work through any conflicts you might be facing. You might find that instead of feeling stressed or hopeless about a certain situation, you tackle it with hope and enthusiasm. As well as, filling you with these sorts of positive powers, our Aura buddy is a fantastic tool for healing on all levels. It helps to ground, centre and balance you and may give you insight, energy and compassion, and allow you to feel excited and joyful.


The list of benefits the Aura has is almost never ending! The best way to think of this stone is that it is like a rainbow - not just in appearance, but in the fact that it brings energies of hope and positivity. A great way to connect to your higher soul through astral journey and out of body experiences. Centering the soul's journey to learn and grow. 


This listing is for one Purple or Teal Flame Aura Quartz Tumble. I have a few options to offer you, so please choose from the drop down menu what calls to your soul. Your item will arrive lovingly parceled in our signature purple paper and homemade mixed sage incense ready for your enjoyment.


- Divine Medium


All crystals in the shop are fully bathed in divine white light cleansing with an organic herbal mixture created by The Divine Medium and infused with Holy Fire Healing as she plays powerful and high vibrational singing bowl therapy music and mantra energy before the crystal is sent to their new home. Please note... that all crystals, minerals, rocks, and fossils are a natural product from Mother Earth and are rarely perfect (despite the tireless efforts on Christina's part in finding the best quality stones.) We try to captrue as many angles on the products as possible. So, please love the perfect imperfections your crystal holds. What it possesses on the inside is much more powerful. Your particular crystal is there to assist you in any way it can. 

Purple & Teal Flame Aura Quartz for Quieting the Mind & Positive Thinking