Unakite benefits, including:

(Living in the Now!)

  • Tell Unakite things you can’t tell anyone else because it’s listening and ready to take on your problems.
  • If you find yourself drawn to the Unakite crystal meaning, it might be time for a major spiritual facelift.
  • Get ready to start checking things off your bucket list.
  • Reminds us that when it comes to going after our dreams, there's no time like the present.
  • Deepens meditation by increasing your sense of being in the now.
  • Spirited Unakite vibes are part of your spiritual life, you'll awaken the wise voice that keeps you anchored to the present moment.
  • Call on the Unakite to super charge your spirituality and quiet down your inner cynic.
  • Give your heart the super power of 20/20 vision and the courage to be a hero to the ones you love.  
  • When you meditate with Unakite, it infuses your energy field with powerful but gentle vibes that help you let go of the past so you can move forward with epic force instead of getting lost on a forgotten highway of old memories.
  • When painful memories put rain clouds in your emotional forecast, call on Unakite to keep sunny days and clear nights on the horizon.  
  • Be your own "psychic" when you place Unakite on your third eye chakra, a powerful way to gain insight from your past to guide your future.


Repeat while meditating:

"I will let go of my past and allow myself to live in the now."


Because healing stones absorb negativity, it's important to cleanse your stones often with sage sticks by smudging the crystals until they are immersed in smoke. You can also recharge your special little buddy with a singing bowl or small bell by creating a high pitch ringing tone. 


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