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White Sage has antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that keep bacteria, viruses and infectious fungi at bay. When burned, it releases negative ions and helps neutralize positive ions, i.e. allergens such as pet dander, pollution, dust and mold. This characteristic is said to improve the quality of the air and consequently, to soften afflictions like asthma or allergies.


White Sage has been used in ceremony to encourage psychic detox, raising one's energy levels and enhancing manifestation and purification on many levels. It works to diminish any turmoil in one's life, as they prepare to embark on new ventures and positive vibrations.


Burning White Sage has been used to resolve spiritual issues such as cleansing your aura. It will also help improve your mood and state of mind.


Another of the many properties of White Sage is that it can reduce stress.

The compounds in White Sage activate specific areas in the brain responsible for raising mood, reducing stress or relieving pain. It will also help you sleep better. 

Studies claim that thanks to its cleansing properties, in the reduction of stress and the resolution of spiritual dilemmas, it can help improve the quality of sleep by reducing insomnia.


(It is a strong miscommunication that White Sage removes negatitivy or dark entities from a space. It does not! It simply purifies the air so sickness does not continue to spread to others and get worse.) 



PLANET: Jupiter

ZODIAC: Sagittarius & Aries




  • White Sage leaves are burned as an incense to cleanse and drive away evil influences, bad dreams, and bad thoughts. A small pinch of baneberry was often mixed with it for this purpose.
  • Loose White Sage can be burned in a smudge bowl or a large shell. (You can obtain loose White Sage in the Sages Product Section by clicking HERE.



  • The tradition of White Sage, due to its sanctity, has been used for years by cultures such as the Native American, who used it to purify the environment or to treat illnesses such as the flu.
  • Traditional Algonquian First Nations culture used White Sage when sending prayers to the Great Spirit.


A smudge ceremony incorporates the 4 basic elements:

  • Earth, represented by the herb itself
  • Fire, the lighting of the herb honors the fire element
  • Air, the smoke from the burning herb represents air.
  • Water, What many people don’t know, is that to complete your smudge ceremony, you need to use a shell – such as the beautiful abalone shell – to collect the ashes and represent the water element.


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