Today, white sage seems to be the most popular herb used for cleansing. Though it actually purifies the air from sickness and disease, it also gathers heavy negative energy and dispels it while bringing in positive energy. It also aids in healing physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental imbalances. This works on the body as well as in the home. This is my favorite sage to cleanse my crystals in. 



The crisp, lemony aroma of a Juniper opens the eyes, awakens the spirit, and dusts off negative thoughts that have settled within the mind. It acts as a sort of spring cleaning for the soul. The best times to practice Juniper Smudging is when you are feeling energetically depleted, dull or unmotivated. Open your intuition up to new spiritual planes with a cleansing energy that is less about the hardcore purification of Sage, and more aligned with the gentle, uplifting energy you need after an intense purification.  Use Juniper after Sage to lighten your space, and promote fresh pine-scented joy!

White Sage & Juniper Sage

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