This pleasant herb is good for dressing altars and as an ingredient in a charm bag carried for protection or to increase divinatory abilities. Burned in the sick room, its fragrance helps dispel hostile spirits that might be involved in the disease. Native Americans believe that burning the plant neutralizes negative energies which cause illness and that its fragrance creates an atmosphere of healing. It reduces fear and emotional injuries, and helps correct inappropriate behavior which leads to illness.


Spiritually, it is said that yerba santa helps to release the emotional pain that is often stored in the lungs and heart areas, such as grief, depression, melancholy, and despair. These emotions can impair the breathing and flow of soul energy. Yerba santa can help one to recognize and release these energies, allowing the spiritual body to come back into balance.   As an incense it’s also called “Portable Temple” because it will drive out negative influences and restores a guarded boundary of protection.

Yerba Santa

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  • Return and/or Exchange are not applicable.