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Yerba Santa is an excellent smudging remedy for chronic respiratory ailments, treat coughs and congestion, as well as aiding in loosening and expelling phlegm. It dilates bronchial tubes, and thus is used to ease asthma and allergy attacks. Yerba Santa also frees the lungs and heart to acknowledge and release stored emotional traumatic experiences. naturally uplifting and pleasant scent that is believed to release a person from worries, shyness, and other forms of mental suffering. This will help your mind to feel clearer and allow the space for spiritual growth.


Yerba is used in traditional smudging practices and rituals to increase a person’s connection with a higher power. When trying to connect to these realms, use Yerba to open your Crown Chakra while meditating on this specific intent. It can be used to help you find your inner strength, heal emotional wounds, and increase psychic abilities.


GENDER: Feminine 

PLANET: Mercury, Mars, & The Moon

ZODIAC: Sagittarius

ELEMENT: Air & Water

CHAKRA: Heart & Crown



  • Try soaking Yerba Santa leaves in boiling water for a short period and then sprinkle them over the photo of a loved one you wish to contact. They will then speak to you through your dreams.
  • You can also perform the same process to ask for guidance from the divine before any divination practice or ritual.
  • Adding Yerba Santa leaves or plants to your altar is believed to be an excellent way to honor any loved ones that have passed on.
  • Yerba Santa (Spanish for “holy herb”) was regarded as sacred by the native peoples, because the process of awakening, and claiming deep soul experience leads to the indwelling Temple of the Spiritual Self. (It is often in those places where the soul retains the most profound pain or trauma, that the strongest teachings of the Spiritual Self can also be realized.)
  • The color and form of the Yerba Santa is truly a signature of these soul qualities—the delicate lavender flowers suggest a highly refined level of spiritual awareness. And at the same time the curving, tubular shaped flowers speak to a process of descent into the deepest parts of the soul temple.



  • Yerba Santa is an exceptional member of the Waterleaf Family, Hydrophyllaceae, (now considered a subfamily of the Borage Family, Boraginaceae). Most of these family members grow in cool, moist habitats, indicating a strong relationship to the watery element.
  • The Spanish missionaries came across this herb when they went to California and it quickly became revered by Spanish Priests for its ability to heal the body and spirit, as well as increase psychic awareness... which is why It has been regularly used as an altar offering which is said to provide spiritual protection for the home.


  • Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse a space to invite positive energy. When smudging a space, you burn plant material. The smoke fills and purifies the environment. As the smoke rises, it takes your wishes and intentions and mingles them with the universe as a way to connect Heaven, Earth, and humanity. Burning aromatic herbs and resins was practiced in antiquity and is found in many cultures and spiritual religions.

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