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it's time to

reclaim your soul

Moon Eir's luxury #MOONSANCTUARY Soul Retreat is a 6-day all-inclusive, fully immersive, transformational experience.
Soul Magic, designed for a Soul Warrior.

save the date, babe!

the feeling of Tuscany in a well deserved elegant experience of comfort for your soul!

Sept. 10th - Sept. 15th

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spend time with

your soul

Join forces with me and a small group of powerful soul sisters and brothers at my sacred sanctuary. We'll spend 6 days busting through the limiting blocks, self-doubts, childhood programming, and deeply rooted trauma and fears that have stopped you from chasing your wildest dreams. This experience will change your life!

You'll learn to create new self-care rituals, set healthy boundaries, and be surrounded by the empowerment you need to up-level your soul in a safe and supportive environment. You will leave as a different woman or man with new life long friends, clarity, and courage!

Let me guide you as you transform your pain into POWER so you can confidently step into your purpose. 💫
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This retreat will give you the sacred space to release, heal, connect, and change your life in magical ways. 
sound like you...?
✦ You seek a deeper connection to yourself and with other like-hearted soul siblings.
 You are on the path of personal development, but feel stuck and need help mapping out your next move.
✦ You want more confidence in yourself and clarity in your purpose.
 You struggle with maintaining a positive mindset during the dark times and need new ways to cope.
✦ You crave more feminine flow because you're sick of the hustle.
✦ You lack the daily rituals, tools, or techniques to use at home to help you stay grounded in positive energy.
✦ You want to tap into your intuition with joy and excitement rather than doubts or low self-esteem.
✦ You have ideas in your head, but you're struggling translating your dreams into action.
Lauren's self-love journey...

"I don't want to keep living the same way & that I'm worthy of loving myself. I left the retreat lighter, even though I have a great life and loved by lots of people, I didn't love myself. It was really hard to realize that. It's something I have to keep practicing. But Moon helped me and the team helped me realize that's what I needed to do."

Your time at the Sanctuary Soul Retreat will always be with you because the energetic healing, self love, and spiritual growth you experience will changed your life forever.
your experience includes
👑 6-day, 5-night accommodation in a elegant historical Tuscany experience located at Franklin Manor 
🌿 Air-conditioned transportation to and from our sacred retreat spots
👑 Welcome Mixer to get to know your fellow soul divine siblings
🌿 Fresh, locally-sourced and plant-based, farm-to-table cuisine cooked and created by our
in-house chef
👑 Daily meditation, sound baths, mini stretch yoga and soul journaling prompts with
spiritual connection readings
🌿 Powerful Self-Love Manifestation Ritual to set intentions for manifesting your wildest, craziest dreams
👑 Soul-deep workshop activities designed to heal and transform your past programming
🌿 Inspired conversations and intimate time with Moon
👑 Daily free time for yourself or to connect with your fellow divine siblings and explore the lake view & wooded serene environment
🌿 Access to our private Retreat Facebook Group chat to start connecting and making plans with your new siblinghood
👑 Professional headshots to capture your sparkle magic transformation
the enchanting magic of gathering

Combined with the restorative magic of mother nature, this experience will help your soul evolve to its next level.

Picture a time of inspired conversation, soul-nourishing meditations, and powerful workshops on self-love, empowerment, healing your chakras and self held traumas, manifesting, and stepping into your authentic purpose.

You'll experience meaningful one-on-one connections with other women & men and lots of time for reconnecting with yourself.

Whether you have personal or professional goals, I will help you achieve them by empowering you with the mindset shifts and an action plan to implement your next steps. You'll also have the support of your new soul squad because when women & men put their minds together...MAGIC HAPPENS!

I will be there every day with you, empowering you to uncover your authentic self, fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs that hold you back from shining bright.

Dandelion Parachute Seed
this experience is
perfect for you
if you are...
👑 Open to stepping out of your comfort zone and into your most empowered self.
Ready to do the body, mind, and soul work needed to awaken your authentic self and sparkle your soul from the inside out.
👑 Ready to uncover your passions, purpose, and potential so you can share your unique sparkle magic with the world.
✨ Excited about making new connections with soul divine siblings for support and accountability.
👑 Seeking to find your Truth for greater self-expression and a tribe to vibe on the same level with.
✨ Tired of being the perfect friend, partner, family member but rather claiming your truth on the journey of reaching your full potential.
👑 Ready to receive, rest, and relax in a luxurious sacred space in nature so you can recharge your batteries before going into "giving mode."
✨ Ready to make massive changes in your life and need the extra push from a spiritual mentor.
Fog and Nature
Rose reclaimed her soul purpose...

"Being able to be my true authentic self at the core of returning to who I am. Returning to that innocent, all knowing being that is highly spiritual and not bombarded with all the bullsh-t that goes on in the real world that had me forget who the f-ck I am!"

Awaken Your Soul
This sacred space will help you transform your mind, body, and spirit so you can manifest your wildest, craziest dreams.
Deep Soul Healing

We'll explore soul work through spiritual connection, breath work, meditation, cacao ritual, journaling, workshops, rest, play, & so much more magic. 

Empath Embrace-8.png
Lifelong Siblinghood

Not only will you make a deep connection with yourself, you'll also have a loving community to plug into for support.

Empath Embrace-10.png
Farm to Table Meals

Experience the magic of locally-grown & harvested plant-based cuisine for a dining experience that will elevate your tastebuds.

retreat 00.webp
Aligning yourself with your soul siblings in our elegant sacred space while being able to hold loving energy for each other’s own unique journey, as well as give and receive authentic encouragement to each other as you reach the big dreams and goals of your life.
It's time to find your soul tribe 

We all want to be heard, seen, and loved by so many.

If you've been lacking connection in your life and are looking to make lasting friendships at a soul level, THIS IS IT! 

I’m so excited for you to join me for this luxurious, serene transformative #MOONSANCTUARY Soul Retreat!

This is an intimate event with space for only 5 chosen individuals.


We’re going to have the most awe-inspiring &

transformative 6 days together.

We’ll be taking a much-needed step back from our busy lives to reconnect with our souls, our intuition, and our highest selves. You'll have inspired conversations, build meaningful relationships, and most importantly…have FUN! (It's a vacation, after all!)

So if you’re thinking “Yes Moon, this is just what I’m looking for… I need to reconnect with myself and do all that with some incredible women & men in the magical mountains” then what are you waiting for??

Come and join us!

We’re going to unplug and take some well-deserved time to get re-focused, re-energized, and RELAXED!

You’re going to leave the Franklin Manor relaxed, renewed, and reminded that aligned action makes anything and everything possible.

Green Leaves
Marion walks again with confidence...

"Now I have my stepping stone that I could do this! That I could walk! Even if I needed a little assistance now and then, the difference in the pain is soooo different. I came here expecting A LOT but I got so much more than I thought I would get. It was over abundant. My walking has greatly improved since I came here to Moon's retreat and I'm feeling so much better. I'm walking less without a cane or a walker and I'm able to get around a little bit on my own where I couldn't at all before."


Moon has you covered! The Franklin Manor not only has beautiful, luxurious cozy beds but 5 bathrooms, 2 full kitchens, & 2 full dining areas which will accommodate 5 lucky chosen divine souls. (Pricing is all-inclusive except travel expenses.)

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retreat 5.webp
retreat 11_edited.jpg

$4398 per Sanctuary Soul

yes, we have payment plans available!

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retreat 02.jpeg
retreat 19.webp
retreat 14.webp

Immediate one-time payment

Your ticket saves your spot in a double-occupancy 6 days and 5 nights in the

Franklin Manor

$415 x 7 

$1500 deposit + 7 bi-monthly payments​ of $415

Your ticket saves your spot in a double-occupancy

6 days and 5 nights in the

Franklin Manor

sample schedule
retreat 01.webp

9:00 Organic Breakfast Bar

10:00 Morning Meditation & Breathwork with Moon

11:00 Deep Healing Workshop + Forgiveness Meditation

1:00 Lunch 

2:00 Sacred Oneness Hike

4:30 Hot Seat Spirit Connection & Coaching
6:00 Professional Photoshoot
7:00 Farm-to-Table Dining Experience
8:00 Cosy Fire, Dancing, Singing, Journaling & Drinks

retreat 18.webp

Meet Moon

Healing Guide

about Moon


Moon has taught thousands of women how to brighten their souls from the inside out by breaking free of negative beliefs, letting go of limiting labels, and tapping into creative power so that they can confidently trust their own intuition and live life with intention.

Moon Eir is the founder of The Divine Medium & Crystal Cove Gem Shop, as well as an online course designed to help souls all around the world reclaim their power and awaken their authentic self, author of I'm Not From Here & Neither Are You and creator of the Mystical Oracle Deck.


Moon is a multi-passionate 6-figure entrepreneur, trailblazing Galactic Worker, Spirit Communicator, Author and Writer for Therapeutic Thymes and Johnstown Magazine, as well as an empowerment business coach for female entrepreneurs and she’s from a planet called Kalenia!!! Her mission is to inspire those who are hurting and feeling lost by creating a soul-filled mission that’s full of purpose + passion + peacefulness.

Moon has been featured in...

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all you have to do is


I'll be taking care of YOU in the way you take care of others...

so you'll feel pampered and prioritized the entire time!

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