Magical Moon Box (Monthly Subscription)


An $70 - $120 value of metaphysical magical tools, treasures and curiosities.

Each month we curate 6 - 8 items of magical elements and handcrafted products to bring your soul to a deeper level.

We take time to choose only the best and most helpful items to make sure you’re getting a helpful AND useful box every month.


Each Item is Selected to bring you:

•  A new spiritual learning tool 
•  A deep connection with your higher self 
•  A fresh perspective from your soul's point of view
•  A moment of serene peace and mental clarity


We Place Handmade Items to Enhance Your Magical Powers that Include: 

•  Herbalism and Apothecary
•  Oracle and Divination
•  Crystals
•  Incense and Aromatherapy
•  Teas
•  Spiritual Growth Tools

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