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Divinational Tools

There are many different types of energy systems that can be used for divination purposes. Each future mapping system (tarot, oracle, sages, astrology, pendulums, rune casting, etc.) has its own unique specific frequency. If you are someone who seeks to connect to higher realms of communication and ancient wisdom, our divination tools will help you learn to recognize those energy patterns within your own life.



Divination tools, like these, are great to start with when wanting to communicate with our higher selves, spirit guides, and the higher astral planes, in general. They act as the line between two telephones. You are on one end and the higher frequency you want to speak to is on the other end. Are you ready to make a call to the other side? 

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With the chaotic nature of today's modern world, the idea of cleansing our sacred space, as well as ourselves and our mystical divination tools of negative energy is always the first step in continued connection to our Spirit Guides and our Higher Selves. So, cue the ritual of sage and incense burning, and aromatherapy candle healing. 

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