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A flush of translucent wings and metallic colors hover around the pond’s surface edges. Up and onwards in a buzz, and then, like magic, the mysterious being is gone!  One of nature’s most beautiful and mysterious souls, the Dragonfly, has graced many sacred spaces. 


The dragonfly is ‘the light of God" which means to look within to find spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes rebirth, immortality, transformation, adaptation, the importance of balance in life, the power of purpose and structure, and the poise between action and reflection.


The dragonfly has molted, transformed, and adapted to its surroundings and environment and is a symbol of positive change within oneself while realizing the meaning of a pure, energetic life cycle.  


So, play it  safe and keep yourself properly guarded against any and all low-vibrational frequencies with our Titanium Aura Kyanite Crystal Dragonfly. Custom created just for Moon Eir, we are excited to bring this brillant crystal shape frequency to your sacred space. 


Kyanite is known to clear and protect your enviroment. It will connect you to your Spirit Guide team. It's misson on earth is to clear negative forces and energies from other stones. Like a warrior for it's fellow crystal comrads! 


The Titanium Aura bonding simply adds that magical power of encouragement and determination. so working with the Aura Kyanite Dragonfly will help you to manuveaor the many ups and downs life spirals towards your soul's journey of learning.


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    Exchanges are acceptable.

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