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Chakras are an integral part of any pet’s energy field. They are spinning energy portals or vortexes situated in various locations throughout the body, and are vehicles for the successful assimilation of vital life force energy.


Life force energy filters in through your fur baby’s chakras and then travels, by means of meridians (another component of the body’s energy field) into the endocrine system. It funnels out from there to reach every cell and fiber of your pet's being.


When blockages and imbalances occur in a animal’s chakras, this assimilation process is inhibited, resulting in the manifestation of physical, emotional, mental or behavioral symptoms. Which is why we've had these magical alignment collars made for your fur baby. Just as you align your chakras, your sweet baby needs their's aligned, as well. No fuss, no mess... just on them at all times working it's enchanting magic. 


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