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How gorgeous are these Fairy Crystal Wands? Every crystal brings a magical layer of enchantment to your sacred temple of vibrational energy. There stunning allure is so welcoming... you can't help yourself from wondering how the energy would be if you used one. But most don't actually know how to properly use a crystal wand. Let me take this opportunity to teach you before choosing the right wand for you! 



Tune your wand to your energy intention by holding it in your prefered hand and focusing on a clear, positive intention. Hold it away from your body to draw energy through you and out of the wand in the direction in which it points.


Cleanse your aura:

Hold your wand towards your body to channel energy into yourself. To brush down your aura, hold your wand sideways and - keeping it a few centimetres away from your body – sweep down the length of your left arm, then the length of your right arm, do the same for your legs, stomach, back and shoulders. Feel your energy lighten. Imagine your wand is a vacuum and it's collecting erergy dust and debris as it passes along.


To balance your chakras, hold your wand in your prefered hand and focus on balancing and clearing. Now move your wand in a gentle, clockwise stirring motion with the pointed part over your chakra points. Start at your Crown Chakra and work your way down to your Root Chakra. This grounds any negative energy back into earth's soil of recycled energy. How do you know an energy center is balanced? If it feels like it is complete, then it usually is. And if your new to energy healing work with a crystal wand, a good place to try this for the first time is with the secondary chakras located in the palms of your hands.


Hold your wand point over a sore or painful spot on your body and visualize healing energy coming down through your Crown Chakra, filling your body and flowing out through the wand, taking away any discomfort with it. Imagine a little light warrior with a bright sword running through your painful spot cutting and slicing apart the dark enemy of pain and as he leaves that area, he gathers the negative energy parts in his warrior bag of love and light and takes it with him back through the wand where it can be recycled into good energy. :) A fun way to relax your mind and go on an energy adventure with your warrior wand! 


Some people who are new to gridding may not be aware of how to activate a crystal grid. Once you have placed your crystals in your preferred grid style, like a flower of life grid, use your crystal wand to activate it. Simply trace along your grid from the centre crystal and out towards the other crystals (one by one) and back to the center crystal. As if you are tracing the grid with the wand. Do this with the intention to activate it and also your specific intention for the grid, like healing or abundance or love. This helps the grid crystals to guide the energy where you want it to exactly go.




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