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Water is life! 

For centuries, people enlivened their drinking water with gemstones. We thought it was about time to share this wonderful tradition with our four-legged fur babies.

Living water like fresh from a mountain spring combined with the power of

hand-selected gemstones. Together with veterinarians and gemstone experts, we’ve spent almost two years researching for the perfect gemstone blend for cats and dogs. We’ve now come up with the perfect selection of gems to increase the well-being of pets, to boost their vitality, and raise their enthusiasm for lively water. Our exclusive crystal blend has been created to help cats and dogs with their special nutrition needs: Jade (Nephrite) for vitality, Agate for strength, Clear Quartz for awareness, Peridot for wellness and balance, and Mangano Calcite for social behavior.  


Care Instructions are as follows:

Bowl dishwasher-proof, handwash gempod. 



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