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Enhance your intentions and decorate your sacred space with this curated set of crystal chip jars. Includes 12 bottles filled with natural crystals for creating spell jars, crystals grids, jewellery and more.


This special box comes with Green Aventurine for soothing energy balance of the emotional body, Tiger's Eye for feeling more grounded and spiritual stability, Amethyst for relieving stress and anxiety, Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Clear Quartz for cleansing and protecting against negative energies, Red Jasper for healing the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional, Turquoise for promoting positive energy, Black Obsidian for cleansing psychic smog created within your aura, Carnelian for enhancing self-esteem and creativity to combat feelings of inadequacy, Fluorite for cleansing and purifing the body and stabilizing your energy, Amazonite for encouraging good luck and fortune, and finally Lapis Lazuli for inner peace, intuition, and wisdom.



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