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Unearth the mythical folklore of the magical Fairy Moon and how to adapt specific crystals that can bring your healing work to a much deeper level. Adventure into the vibrational lunar energy of the Fairy Moon during this mystical time to spark a fresh start witihn your mind and soul path of purpose. 


Are you ready for the magical world and connection to Fairy Energy Lunar Vibes? 


In this newest course, you will master how to connect with fairies and crystal energy during the Fairy Moon which is a great time of mysticism and to bring much-needed change into your life. Adventure upon a soul path of transformation, deep deep soul connection, expansion and self soul discovery through the Fae realm and the beauty of crystal gems in a spiral dance of lunar energies. Don’t miss out on this enchanting opportunity! Embrace the magic of the fairy moon and embark on a path towards your purest self, today!


What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Which frequenies to align with during the Fairy Moon
  • Top crystal gem tools used during this enchanting time
  • Gem water recipe tailored to the Fairy Moon Vibes
  • Crystal grid prescription setup
  • Oracle card spread set to gain focused precision on your soul path
  • Herbal Fae tea blend recipe to use during sacred connections
  • Fairy lore and divine offerings



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