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Our newest addition to the Frequency Number Line, this beauty will bring your vibration to the wishes you set for your soul life path and spirit's purpose. 


If you have ever heard someone say it’s 11.11 - time to make a wish, you know that this number is special. The meaning of the number 1111 can be a sign that your spirit guides are very close and want to connect with you. It's a sign of deep spiritual awakening and a divine guidance is leading you forward. You can now take a deep breath and trust in the universe. Spirit Frequency Numbers are all around us. Sometimes they can show up briefly and as simply as your eye-catching the clock at a certain time. Other times they are more persistent and may show up in license plates, telephone numbers, and other intriguing yet mundane seeming ways. There are scores of frequency numbers out there but here we are taking a look at the meaning of the angel number 1111 and what it could be communicating when it crops up. 


The frequency number 1111 is ripe with energy and should bring all shades of comfort to your being. This number takes the vibrations of the number 1 and doubles it again and again. Not only does it capture and boost the energy of the number 1 but it also can be broken down into two 11s and again, and can be a symbol of the number 1 followed by 111. It’s the highest alignment of numbers and is even considered to contain God’s Frequency Number. Seeing this number should fill your heart with hope, and happiness, and even invite you to breathe a sigh of relief as it means that help and support are here. Your guides are here to help support your ascension, to encourage you to align your thoughts and feelings with the highest good and to get active in manifesting the life you want to live. It is a number of ripe and new opportunities!


Let's talk White Howlite! 

This gem goddess bracelet is smoothered in White Howlite beads! So, what can this crystal do for you?  Soft, soothing, and ever ready to tempt you back off the emotional ledge, White Howlite is all about tempering the storm. It's highly attuned every and purist snow-white color schemes oozes compassion and sensitivity. Whether by name or nature, it’s a healing crystal that seems to be gifted in the spiritual department. It was first discovered by Henry How back in 1868. How was a Canadian chemist and a mineralogist and he named Howlite Silico-Boro-Calcite. The stone found its more poetic title when the geologist James Dwight Dana (another mineralogist) renamed it sometime after. 


White Howlite comes with a whole host of healing benefits that soothes the body, mind, and spirit. Above everything it is an amazingly calming stone, ever ready to slow down the heartbeat, cool calamitous tempers, and show you the way of wisdom. It’s gentle vibration connects and flows, raising your own awareness and granting you clear vision. It’s pale coloring and calming nature also works best when paired with the intricate nature of Blue Lace Agate, the heart healer of Rose Quartz, the twinkle of Peridot, and the Crown Chakra connector of Amethyst. All of these goregous pieces can be found on the Crystal Jewelry tab where you can pair these pieces with your calming frequency of White Howlite Crystal Bracelet. 



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