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Because of its connection to the ocean, Ocean Jasper is the best stone for seasickness, helping to alleviate the symptoms of nausea. It's also used as a protection stone while sailing. It’s a calming stone that helps you to become more aware of tension in the body. Its energy is fluid helping us to connect with the flowing energy of the ocean and not remain attached to any particular outcome or situation. Ocean energy is calming, soothing to our energetic body. 

Its ocean energy is great for stimulating, cleansing, and refreshing the chakras. While it predominantly works on the heart chakra, it can come in a wide variety of colors, so its rainbow healing energy can recharge all seven of the chakras. Ocean Jasper aspires to relieve our stress and tension while uplifting feelings of relaxation, also known as a stone of happiness. Radiating positive energy that resonates with love and joy, and happiness. 



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