Opal benefits, including:

(The Magical Stone)

  • Encourages you to express your true self.
  • Boost creativity.
  • Cleanses your Aura.
  • You will feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  • Opal is a highly absorbent and reflective stone. It will pick up on your thoughts and emotions, magnify them, and send them back to you.
  • Reminds you that it’s no good focusing on the things that are not good for you.
  • Opal is also a highly protective stone. When you program this stone accurately, you will be able to ward off negative energies and unwanted attention.
  • When you give negativity, only negativity will come back to you. When you shower the world with love, love will also come back and find you!
  • You will become invisible or unnoticeable to others whenever you want to.
  • Will encourage inner growth.
  • Can help in the treatment of various infections and fevers.

  • It can purify your blood and kidneys.

  • Has the ability to regulate the insulin levels in your body.

  • Protect you from the common cold or flu.

  • Strengthen your survival instincts and let you know when to remove yourself from a business or financial situation.

  • If you would like love and passion in your life, wear opal!

  • It is a highly seductive stone that will intensify your emotional state and encourage you to let go of your inhibitions.

  • Will help you in your emotional recovery after a major heartbreak.

  • You will only focus on the things that make you a better person.


Repeat while meditating:

"I will become more confident in all I do and rid all negatiive thoughts from my mind."


Because healing stones absorb negativity, it's important to cleanse your stones often with sage sticks by smudging the crystals until they are immersed in smoke. You can also recharge your special little buddy with a singing bowl or small bell by creating a high pitch ringing tone. 


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