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Pink Opal activates the Heart Chakra and offers a sense of peace, calm, and tranquility to the heart center and emotional body. The rosy glow of Pink Opal softens the heart and allows us to relinquish subconsciously held pain. Just looking at its soft pink glow brings about a sense of serenity, as Pink Opal draws emotional balance into our lives. These gentle frequencies can heal our emotional woes, from trying sleepless nights to fresh heartbreaks. From its very core, this Heart Chakra stone is brimming with pure love.


It is an ideal stone for those of us who have difficulty sleeping or suffer from nightmare disorders, particularly children.


Pink Opal is used to release trauma, stress, tension, worry, and anxiety. It can help steady irregular heartbeats. It also gives support to the lung and circulation of oxygen throughout the body.


  • All Sales Final. 

    Exchanges are acceptable. 

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