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Having the unmatched beauty and allure of typical ‘pink crystals’, Rhodochrosite is in a league of its own. Primarily, the Rhodochrosite meaning lies in the electrifying vibrations of love. It encompasses the hopeful and tranquil energies of inner peace, deep healing, and unconditional love.


This beautiful crystal symbolizes the pureness of the soul and vitality of life. Accordingly, Rhodochrosite benefits include emotions of joy, happiness, inner strength, and power. Furthermore, the purifying vibrations of the powerful Rhodochrosite gemstone kick-start a vigorous dynamic within your life.


Along with this, this gem also gives rise to passion, enthusiasm, and ardor. It means that the fire that resides in you is rekindled by the energies of this crystal, enabling you to achieve your goals with greater gusto.


Crystals are connected with the energies of various celestial bodies and they transmit their energies through their vibrations. If we talk about Rhodochrosite, this crystal is connected with planet Mars. Naturally, Rhodochrosite exhibits certain properties that are governed by Mars.


This planet is full of rage and raw energy. Mainly, it governs your passion, lust, and sex drive. Along with this, planet Mars also represents anger and combat, especially your combat style.

Passion is not only reserved for relationships. When you think of those who are extremely successful in business and in their career; passion has a lot to do with why they are prosperous. Rhodochrosite and Mars both drive passion. Meditating with this stone will inspire you to start that “passion” project you’ve always wanted to do. It gives you courage to follow your heart and use that energy to give you sustained drive to be financially successful in doing what you love.


The Rhodochrosite crystal stone is associated with two elements: Water and Fire.

The Water element is extremely purifying and healing in its essence. That is why it is also known as the universal healer. This element thoroughly cleanses your energies and aims at your deep-rooted problems to correct them.


Apart from this, the Water element essentially projects on your spiritual abilities. Therefore, with the help of the Rhodochrosite crystal, you can summon this elemental power to induce lucid dreams. It will also increase your intuition.


Coming to the Fire element, the Rhodochrosite crystal corresponds impeccably with this element. At its core, Fire possesses the power to create as well as destroy. That is why it is known as the element of transformation, as it destroys old things to make room for new ones.


The Fire element is highly ‘alive’, which means it stimulates and increases your vital power. Also, it revives your enthusiasm and passion. Besides that, this element also serves as a source of purification and protection as it shields your aura from dark energies.


Lastly, the Fire element of the Rhodochrosite crystal stone strengthens you against psychic attacks.



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