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Mushrooms play an important role in rituals and in the spirit world. If you see a mushroom, it's an event that holds a lot of spiritual meaning. Mushrooms have been around for tens of millions of years and are essential in the operation of the biosphere and forest ecology. They have helped humans survive and without them, we might not even be here!


Biblically, the mushroom is seen as the god of the Bible, and that the mushroom is Jesus. Mushrooms in spirituality often represent gods, so it makes sense that mushrooms in the bible would represent God or Jesus. 


Since crystal mushrooms are considered to be a powerful symbol of fertility, luck, and abundance, they have become an increasingly popular crystal healing tool. Thanks to their strong energy and vibration, the crystal mushroom can enhance intuition and bring abundance into your life, so they are widely used for health, wealth, and love. ESPECIALLY LOVE with our Rose Quartz crystal frequency created in this mushroom shape! 


Whether you're looking for a soul mate or desire more self-compassion, love is always a necessity in your world. It explains that loving stories are always eternal and heart-broken. If you are tired of looking for love, you can turn to the healing Rose Quartz crystal mushroom for help in this area. Crystals work for love as long as you own them!


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