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Not only can Thyme positively influence the feng shui of your home by inviting positive energy, but it can also help with colds, acne, and more! Burn Thyme right before you need a boost of courage to remove your fear. This is particularly good for curing fear of speaking! 


Thyme has a wealth of spiritual powers. Among them, it can help you find strength when you are weak, courage when you feel afraid, and promote sleep when you are tired. It can also help you develop and refine your psychic powers, improve your capacity for love, and cleanse your body and mind of impurities. When used in magic, Thyme can help manifest your desires and attract good luck. Your intent will determine which of these powers is most relevant to you. 

As you work with Thyme, be mindful of its effects on your body and mind, and let it guide you to the spiritual insights and practices that will be most helpful to you.


GENDER: Feminine


ZODIAC: Cancer

ELEMENT: Water & Air

CHAKRA: Heart & Third Eye



  • Thyme can be used in spells and magical recipes for beauty, courage, happiness, good health, protection, fairy communication, psychic ability improvement, and the prevention of nightmares.
  • Sleep with this herb under your pillow or create a sleep eye pillow to ward away bad dreams.
  • You can also hang sprigs of this above your bed as a permanent good dream charm.
  • Create a floor wash by infusing Thyme with water. As you wash your floor, draw protection sigils onto the floor to help boost this easy protection spell.
  • Add Thyme and Rosemary to a green bag and bury it on your property to protect your home.
  • Add Thyme to a bonfire to increase your chances of victory in competitive situations.
  • Make an infusion of fresh Thyme to create a beauty potion for your skin. Anoint yourself or add to your bath water to invoke beauty. This is also great to do as your cleansing bath before beauty spells or rituals honoring Aphrodite.



  • Thyme is native to southern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Wild Thyme thrives in the dry, rocky soil of North Africa and Southern Europe, and in the mountains of northeastern America.
  • Like lavender, Thyme is a member of the mint family, and as with lavender, the ancient Egyptians used Thyme in their embalming processes.
  • The Greeks thought very highly of Thyme. It was used in their baths and rituals, and mixed in drinks to enhance intoxication. The Greek phrase "to smell of Thyme" meant that you were stylish, poised, and attractive.
  • Women wore Thyme in their hair to highlight their beauty.
  • Thyme gets its name from the Greek word “Thumus” which means courage, and Greek warriors were massaged with Thyme oil to ensure their bravery.
  • Thyme was believed to provide a sense of direction for the soul and this is probably another reason why Greek soldiers brought it into battle. Not only did it increase their physical energy, but it was thought to enhance the mental and spiritual understanding they needed to follow their destiny and vision.


  • Smudging is a way to energetically cleanse a space to invite positive energy. When smudging a space, you burn plant material. The smoke fills and purifies the environment. As the smoke rises, it takes your wishes and intentions and mingles them with the universe as a way to connect Heaven, Earth, and humanity. Burning aromatic herbs and resins was practiced in antiquity and is found in many cultures and spiritual religions.

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